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My name is Stephane and I live in Canada, in the Montreal area (province of Quebec).

This site presents my antique cars

This is about a Citroën 15 Six, a Citroën SM currently under restoration, a second SM in very good condition and a Jaguar E-Type. You’ll find also a Citroën 2CV, which I owned for 2 years.

Everything is there. Happy reading !

More than 10 years of content of the previous site has been transferred here, so you don’t miss anything.


I found so many valuable information on the Internet about our beloved classic Citroën’s that I thought it was my turn to communicate. I even try to do it in english. That’s quite an effort for me because you’ll see that my english is far from perfect 😉 So, with pictures and more or less technical comments, I try to share my passion, hoping that it could inspire or help some of you.


Caution: pictures make everything shine and look slightly better than it should, so don’t forget that what you see on this site is not always so nice in reality.

The cars

1954 Citroën 15 Six H

Bought en 2012

1972 Citroën SM

Bought in 2003… and under restoration ever since 😉

1974 Citroën SM I.E.

Bought in 2006

1970 Jaguar E-Type 2+2

In my little collection since 2008

1984 Citroën 2CV6 Special

Bought in 2006 and sold in 2008


Toy box and workshop at the same time

Latest news

SM: Restoration restarts !

Restoration restarts, after a pause of more than 6 years! I'm hearing you saying "it's about time" and you are absolutely right 😉 In 2018 I called again the specialist who made the previous body work on this car, Gilles Lemay (www.garagegilleslemay.com), because I'm...

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Thank you Patchou

Thanks again Cyril, also known as Patchou. You host my little website for 15 years, this is very kind. And of course, the day you are tired of it, don't hesitate to tell me, ok?

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15 Six: Hydraulic pump overhaul

The leak I suspected on the hydraulic pump was confirmed so I gave it to my usual mechanic with a seal kit. Inside, the pump was ugly! The pump body was so damaged that we replaced it. This intervention on the pump was the occasion to paint it in black and do the same...

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15 Six: Finishing touches after being back on the road

After all the work done during winter 2012-2013, I knew that it won't be perfect and that putting the car back on the road would show-up new problems. I started by doing very short test drives, less than two weeks before the long trip to Saratoga Springs for the...

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15 Six: Hydraulic overhaul

Here is the hydraulic portion of the mechanical overhaul done during winter 2012-2013, in fact more winter and spring. After having restarted the engine, first without the hydraulic system, I then worked on this part.This work should ensure a good reliability of the...

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15 Six: End of the mechanical overhaul

In May it was time to put everything back together. I took some days off and I got some help to speed-up this work, knowing that the goal is still to have the car operational for June.When it started, I noticed that the engine was not revving correctly. The first road...

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15 Six: Mechanical overhaul, continued again

Here is the continuation of this work during the second half of March, and April, by painting the drivetrain, preparing the engine bay and reassembling the front brakes.I'm almost ready tu put the drivetrain back into the car. I just have to reinstall the brake line,...

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15 Six: Mechanical overhaul continued

During February, I took advantage of the last availability from Claude before he leaves for a month or so, so quickly, just a few hours before he comes in, I prepare the timing cover and the crank plate so we can then close this side of the engine. I paint these parts...

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15 Six: Beginning of the mechanical overhaul

After having removed the engine and gearbox, there are still parts to remove and it's the beginning of the cleaning work.I'm almost done removing parts. I have a lot of cleaning to do, it's boring but mandatory and, after that, putting everything together will be much...

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15 Six: Engine removal for overhaul

During December 2012, I worked on the drivetrain removal, because I wanted to do a good cleaning but also to do a general inspection. On top of the cleaning operation, I plan to replace some damaged parts (cracked exhaust manifold, damaged steering boots, loose...

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15 Six: Repair attempt on the height corrector

Just after the purchase of the Traction, I wanted to fix the leak on the height corrector. It didn't go as planned ;-)I've been told to install a DS or SM corrector (there are identical I believe) and use a "T-shape" fitting to connect both outputs (one for each...

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A newcomer, a Traction Avant!

HUGE NEWS: there is a new car in my garage, a Traction Avant and more precisely a 15 H. So let me introduce it on this new page. I plan to spend time on this Traction during this winter to bring it in good drivable condition for next spring, so I should have updates...

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SM IE: Repair of the interior heater

During winter 2011-2012 I finally started working on the interior heating system, which was not working. I don't use this car during winter but during the fall season a working heating system is useful and any ways I like when everything works. When I removed the...

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SM: The body is back

I finally picked-up the car in April because I had to wait for clean and dry roads because in Canada we don't have a choice, we have to deal with the winter conditions. I'm very happy with the result of this work but of course I'm also disappointed that it was not...

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SM: End of the body work session

In February 2011, work is almost done, I just have to put the wheels back onto the body and get it back home. This time it was mainly about finishing work. Here are some pictures:Here is the end of an important step in this restoration but unfortunately everything has...

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SM: New body work session, continued

In September 2009, I went to the "Art and the automobile" event in Here is more progress, at the end of the year 2010. This is about sandblasting and metal work. I' happy with the progress and I'm also happy to have decided to have the body sandblasted because, as...

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SM: New body work session

Time after time, I have discovered more and more defects on the body. I had to admit the truth, the work done previously on this body is bad: bad preparation before painting, bad paint, rust marks and metal work not trustable. During summer of 2010, I call a new body...

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SM IE: Replacement of the brake accumulator

Since I have this car, I can't get rid of some vibrations I feel some times on the brake pedal, when I brake. After a few bleeding operations and because I don't know how old is the brake accumulator, I thought it should be a good idea to replace it, hoping it could...

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5 E-Type Jaguar at Ogden

In September 2009, I went to the "Art and the automobile" event in Ogden (Quebec), this is a 1h30 drive south from Montreal. There are not so much cars there but we can find 5 Jaguar E-Type, that's pretty unusual. Some photographers were covering the event...

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