Restoration restarts, after a pause of more than 6 years! I’m hearing you saying “it’s about time” and you are absolutely right 😉

In 2018 I called again the specialist who made the previous body work on this car, Gilles Lemay (, because I’m very happy with the quality of his work. He told me that he will be able to work on the car somewhere in the fall season.

So in October, I started by preparing the car for the trip, which means putting some body panels back onto the car, temporarily.

This is eventually just before Christmas that Gilles could receive the car. So I called a professional transporter because we had to use a closed trailer, knowing that we were facing winter conditions, already quite hard in December. If I had simply used an open trailer, the car would have arrived at the body shop in a very bad shape!
All main body panels are now prepared and received a coat of primer, the sheet metal work can now start.