Garage / Workshop

The garage and workshop, when it all started (2003 to 2010)

Here in Canada, almost all individual house has a basement. This basement is often used as a storage area, play room for kids or workshop before it’s converted in actual rooms when, for example, family grows. In my case, this is the place where I store all the SM parts and where I work on these parts with a lot more space than in my little garage.

My garage is not very big, but it’s obviously essential for my restoration and maintenance tasks. I try to keep it in good shape. Here are some pictures taken in August 2005, after a makeover I made while it was empty.

On September 2007, I have the opportunity to salvage some shelves at the company I work for. So it’s the occasion to reorganize the storage area in the basement.

The garage and workshop, today (since 2011)

In December 2010 everything changes because I found a house ideal for my automotive adventures. The house includes a workshop and a garage suitable to store and work on multiple cars. This is simply the house of my dreams 😉

Let’s start with the workshop section that was a machine shop before. It’s big and pretty well equipped, with a good lighting, a compressed air network and even a washroom. A lot of cleaning was needed, everything was greasy, even walls and windows.

On the other side, this is the double garage, for the SM IE and the Jag.

In 2012, I repainted the garage and workshop floor, I painted the inside part of the garage doors (mainly to hide the inscription on one of them) and I installed a hydraulic lift. Yep, I was dreaming about such a tool for a long time and I finally decided to get one. So here are pictures of what it looks like.

I love when it’s clean, organized and well equipped, so I’m happy with the result. It took me a lot of cleaning and painting hours to get there.