In May it was time to put everything back together. I took some days off and I got some help to speed-up this work, knowing that the goal is still to have the car operational for June.
When it started, I noticed that the engine was not revving correctly. The first road tests confirmed that something was wrong. After reinstalling the original distributor, I noticed that it was a lot better so I worked on the adjustment of the electronic distributor, on the connexion between the distributor and the coil, and I got better results. This is still not perfect, there is still work to do.

I also had an issue with the clutch, I modified the adjustment of the clutch control arm, the first and reverse gears are now easier to select, but this is also not perfect.

But brakes are working very well, the hydraulic system works like a charm, the expansion tank is working well too (the radiator seems to breath well).

This is very difficult to evaluate but I think this intervention represented about 300 hours of work. I spent the most part of my free time since last November. I think the result is good but we’ll see in the future if reliability is there.