In February 2011, work is almost done, I just have to put the wheels back onto the body and get it back home.

This time it was mainly about finishing work.

Here are some pictures:

Here is the end of an important step in this restoration but unfortunately everything has not been done for budget reasons. Significant work is still needed on the rear fenders and the roof, but I’ll be able to start reassembling many parts.

Some visitors of this site ask me how much this restorations costs. I don’t make the count because it’s difficult and it would show how crazy this kind of project is 😉 But for your information, note that the cost of the body work shown here is 17300 $ !!! So can you imagine the total cost of the restoration? We speak here only about the body itself, we are still far from final painting, which will require again a big budget because body panels will need a lot of metal work and preparation.