1954 Citroën 15 Six H

Here is my 1954 Citroën “Traction avant” 15 Six with hydraulic suspension, also known as “15 H” or “15 oléo”.

For a long time now I was thinking about having a 15 one day and between 2010 and 2012 I had two occasions to buy one. The first time I decided to forget the idea because I was scared to begin another big project, but then I had regrets so when I spoke again with the vendor more than one year after, as the offer was still valid, I decided to go for it and since then I’m very happy with this choice.

I was not especially looking for a model equipped with the hydraulic suspension but I’m quite happy about that because this is quite rare (only about 3000 built) and I love the Citroën hydraulic system. I also love its blue color, which is different from the usual black color for these cars.

When I bought her, she was in Quebec for a dozen years and she was waiting for a long time to see the road again. Even if I was able to drive it home without major troubles, she requirer significative work to recover a good working condition and reliability.

Here is a presentation picture, it was a few days after the car arrived home and after a quick cleaning session.

Main characteristics

  • Manufacturing date : 1954
  • Version : 15 Six H, France
  • Serial number : 726702
  • Mileage : 14600 km (indicated when bought)
  • Body color : Midnight blue
  • Upholstery : Grey fabric
  • Engine : L6, 2.8 litres
  • Engine type : 6H
  • Engine serial number : W 00745
  • Supply : 1 Solex carburetor
  • Gearbox : 3-speed manual

Color codes

  • Body : “Bleu nuit” AC 601
  • Wheels : “Ivoire” AC 123 but they should be “Gris perle” AC 126, I believe
  • Engine : green RAL 6020
  • Hydraulics devices : Black AC 200, I used black RAL 9005

The car in its initial condition

The car after a partial restoration

Here are some pictures showing the engine compartment after its restoration

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