2007 has been pretty calm for this restoration because I’ve been mainly busy on my other SM. But I gave the fenders and the driver side door to a sheet metal specialist and he offered me to find other fenders and doors, which he did. I don’t have pictures for now, but these parts are in pretty good shape and need only minor sheet metal work. I hope these parts will be ready for spring 2008.

During January 2008, with a huge delay regarding my initial planning, I start preparing the body parts I have for the paint work, hoping it will happen this year. I plan to give the body and all body parts to the shop, so I think that the best way to do so is, temporary, putting back everything on the body.

I currently have in my hands the passenger door (new), the rear hatch and the engine hood. I start with the rear hatch. The goal is to remove the glass and then put the hatch back onto the body.

I’m not proud of this result! The trimming pieces mounting is that it seems not possible to remove them without damage. But the Citroen documentation just say that they should be released before the glass itself. The best solution certainly was to remove them with the glass and then separate them from the glass, but I don’t know why I’ve not been able to cut the sealing correctly with a cutting steel wire. This sealing was extremely hard and sticky, it caused me a lot of troubles. Everything seemed so simple on the documentation 😉

After this bad experience with the rear hatch, I go ahead with the passenger door. I’m alone, so I have to pay attention not to damage anything when putting it back onto the body.

It was the beginning of the preparation work. If everything goes well, I should be able to get the fenders and the other door for April (2008). I will then be able to go ahead and finally plan the paint work.