Cleaning is not over yet, I still have to clean the engine and gearbox, of course, before starting the timing chain work, which was the initial goal of this long operation, remember 😉
Now that everything is clean and I have all the required parts (I hope), I call my mechanic and his “assistant”, they are among the very rare ones to work on this kind of engine in the Montreal area. We are fortunate to have them ant I met them thanks to the VEA club.
So here am I with a timing assembly supposed to be ready for a lot of happy kilometers. Cool!!

Having two mechanics with me, that’s an opportunity to replace the clutch disc and pusher. I didn’t order the pressure plate because this is a heavy item and shipping fees would be tremendous. But guess what? I had to order this item, of course 😉

It was time to do something for the clutch and it was the good time to have that bad surprise, even if it’s of course very frustrating. The only problem is that I start to be close to the two events I wanted to take part with this car, on June 7 and 20. I think this is already too late for June 7, but I hope to be ready for the annual Citroen “Rendezvous” in Saratoga Springs on June 20.

Claude and Dominique left with my two SM’s flywheel, to have them surfaced. On my side, I try to find a pressure plate as fast as I can. When these parts will be ready, we’ll put the gearbox back on the engine.

When putting the timing cover back on the engine, I had another bad surprise: the water pump turbine is damaged! In fact this is my mistake, I damaged it when I drilled and taped the pump cover. I obviously went too deep. One more part to order, but I’m happy I see that now.

While waiting for these parts, I of course have things to do.