During April 2008, as planned, my sheet metal specialist calls me but not to tell me that both fenders and the door are ready, he rather tells me that he did almost nothing on these parts and he will not be able to do anything in the future. Cool! He just took time to do a quick sandblasting on fender sections for which we had doubts. And guess what, doubts have been confirmed 🙁
So I’m not ready to start the paint work! Thanks to my sheet metal specialist, he found two fenders and one door but then he left me in this shit. I’ll not begin to lose my motivation now, I’ll see if I can find better fenders and if I don’t, I’ll give these ones to a specialist, another one of course.

As I’m not near being able to do some work on the body, I decide to store it where I currently rent a space for my SM IE. This way, I’ll be able to have the SM IE in my garage, thus enjoying it more and also to be able to work on it more easily and inside the garage. To achieve that, the body has to be rolling.

On May 1st, a member of the VEA club and towing professional comes with his truck and together we transfer the body to the parking space I rent for the SM IE (and the 2CV). The body will wait here until further notice.