During August 2005, I’m in France for vacation, so I can go to the body shop, the body is almost finished:
I’m very happy to see the result. When I started this project, I planned to do only some “touch up”!!! Instead, I can now count on a straight and beautiful body, which has been professionally restored. When I’ll drive this car, I’ll be seated on steel, not rust 😉

Some of you may have noticed that the gray color is not exactly the original one. You are right! This gray color is the “gris rose” (AC136) instead of the original AC092 “gris mat”. In fact I was still hesitating about the exact color when I had to communicate the color code to the body shop. I thought I’ll have enough time to check the color but the body shop has been too fast and when I saw the body, it was already painted with that gray. It’s not so big deal, it’s beautiful that way. It was not possible to correctly follow-up on this work thousand of kilometers away and, anyway, my budget is not unlimited.