By the summer of 2007, I frequently use the car, I drove about 2500 km from May to August, but I still have a very bad noise coming from the front of the car. I think about 3 possible causes: the anti-roll bar, a drive shaft of a ball pin.

I begin by greasing everything I can around the front axle, the anti-roll bar for example. It doesn’t fix the problem. During this greasing operation, I discover that the rubber sleeves supposed to keep the grease of each ball pin are damaged, so I guess that ball pins could be the cause of my noise, it’s logical. But I can’t replace the ball pins myself because special tools are required.

While waiting that my mechanic is available one day to change the ball pins and adjust the valves, I decide to try fixing my noise problem by replacing a drive shaft to see if, by chance, the noise could be caused by a damaged drive shaft, and because I can do it myself. So I’m going to replace the left drive shaft by one belonging to my other SM.

Operation’s result: no change, this damn noise is still there. I was pretty confident that it will be the case, but this test was not totally useless. I also put so much grease in the drive shaft that when driving the car again, grease went all around the wheel arch and into the rim. Congratulations 😉

So the noise is certainly caused by damaged upper ball pins, whose rubber sleeves are cut. So I have to wait for my mechanic’s willing or I can try to find a solution to replace the ball pins myself. I’m waiting for more than 2 months now.