After a temporary repair just to bring the car to my home, I have to seriously fix the coolant leak located on the exit duct of the water pump. This duct is usually in very bad shape and its age is often the age of the car.

I have to work outside so I work on the problem when the weather allows it. Before starting fixing this problem, I discover another leak, on the front of the car, probably from the radiator. It’s a good start 😉 I choused to have a second SM instead of a DS to eventually take benefit of the parts I already prepared for the restoration of the first SM and because I begin to know quite well the SM. So I quickly apply the idea by replacing the leaking radiator by the one I had redone for the carburetor SM.

I begin by working on the ail filters. Immediate sandblast and paint, so they’ll have plenty of time to dry while I work on the other issues.

That’s not all, I have now to deal with the little cooling duct at the exit of the water pump and also the thermostat cover that is in very bad shape.
After these operations I went test driving the car. The cooling circuit seems ok (to be confirmed in regular driving conditions) but I confirmed two bad impressions I had when I first brought the car to my home: there is a strange noise somewhere on the front of the car and the throttle doesn’t go back correctly (or at least, the engine revolutions don’t drop as they should). There is more work to do before hoping to pass the official technical inspection.