Everything started in May 2003. I then discover a classified ad on the website of a classic car club from Québec. I contact the seller. He tells me that he’s not the owner of the car, he only “hosts” the car in his vacation home in Vermont (United States). He also tells me that the car will be back in Montreal in a few days.

I cannot have detailed information about the vehicle because the seller knows almost nothing about it.

After about three weeks, the car is still in Vermont. I decide to go there to see it, it’s a one hour and a half drive from Montreal.

On June 9, I arrange a deal with the seller, about the price of course, but also the delivery conditions because the car has to be shipped by truck.

On June 17, here she is, in my garage !

I already notice that there is more damage than I thought under the body, but it’s probably only the beginning of bad news.

Let’s go !