By June 2007, the SM in not mechanically perfect but she’s working pretty well, so I can enjoy this car and take part to some meetings, from my local club and others.

By June 16th, I take part to to the 2007 Citroën Rendezvous in Saratoga Springs, in the New York State (USA). I think that’s the biggest Citroën cars meetings in the US, this is big for sure, friendly and there are some beautiful cars. Saratoga in a 3 hours drive from Montreal, it’s not too much. I go to the meeting thinking that a fuel injected SM will be noticed because this particular model has never been imported into north America.

I had a great day, the car worked well and the weather was great (it was very hot), except difficult fifty kilometers when driving back to Montreal under rain and storms at night.

Cherry on the sunday: meeting participants can vote for their preferred cars, in many categories, one for each Citroën model (Traction Avant, 2CV and derivatives, early DS, late DS…), and guess what, my SM has been votes to be the preferred SM this day (at least ten SM’s were there I think). Of course, this unusual model caught attention but the resin wheels also had great success and make some SM owners jealous 😉